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Chris and the team at Cox Digital Arts value great design. But we also understands it's only the beginning. We work hard to connect ideas, art, color, and people for a finished product we can be proud of and you can love. From video, to design, to print, to web, CDA will work with you to create compelling, cutting edge products.

We pride ourselves on being an incredibly lean and accessible company. We’re focused on the highest quality design and are built around great relationships with our clients.



Matt | Performer/Event Coordinator

Possibly the best decision we've ever made for our business was hiring Chris Cox and his amazing web design team! Their creative and intelligent site layouts are beyond impressive, they even help us design our new logo. To this day customers, and even our competitors, comment how user friendly it is to access our website on any device. We will continue using Chris and his team for years to come! Thanks Chris!!!

Sam | Financial Advisor

In the finance industry, firms all seem to have the same stoic designs, which I was really trying to avoid. Chris not only helped me design the brand image that I was seeking but went way beyond my expectations by also helping me incorporate better technology to the website design and make my marketing materials stand out! I am very happy with the consistent branding on all my marketing materials and how great they look.

Linda | Sub Contractor

As a business owner, I realize that my customer's first impression of me is often based on what they see in print. Left to my own devices, that could be disastrous! Fortunately, Chris at Cox Digital Arts unfailingly listens to my vision, and makes it a reality. It's a rare gift for an artist to be able to truly capture the vision of his customer, rather than trying to persuade the customer to adopt a generic preconceived template. Chris takes what we offer as a starting point and invariably produces a product that far exceeds our expectations. He is passionate about his work, and that comes through clearly in everything that comes out of Cox Digital Arts. On a purely practical side, it is so refreshing to work with a company that is completely accessible. Once I have a proof in front of me, it is amazingly efficient to have Chris on the phone, tweaking as we talk, and sending a revised proof immediately.

Deana | Arts Director

For graphic design, web design or video production, Chris Cox has a very high standard of excellence, a great eye for good design and strong attention to detail. He understands the needs behind the design project and works to accomplish the goal in an efficient and effective manner. I highly recommend Cox Digital Arts to anyone looking to create strong packaging to promote their brand or product.


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